Photo by Bruno Espinosa

Photo by Bruno Espinosa

Photo by Bruno Espinosa

Photo by Bruno Espinosa


Agricultural and Forest Entomology

Invasive species biology, ecology and management
New approaches for the management of agricultural and forest pests
Impacts of climate change on agricultural and forest pests
Monitoring and surveillance of insect pests
Emerging challenges in IPM


Mechanisms of learning and memory
Communication: from signal production to perception
Reproductive strategies of entomophagous insects

Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management

Breeding Invertebrates for Next Generation Biocontrol
Habitat and landscape management to improve conservation biological control
Exotic and native natural enemies: how to plan biological control and save environments
Maximising the benefits of biocontrol and pollination ecosystem services

Chemical Ecology and Multitrophic Interactions

Invasive alien species, Population genetics, Infochemical network
Plant-microbe-insect interactions (COST Action FA1405 Crop-Arthropod-Microorganism (CAMo) Interactions)
Molecular basis of insect communication

Ecology and toxicology of insecticides

Insecticide Resistance
Insecticide Resistance: detection & monitoring
Insecticide mode of action: biological and biochemical aspects
Insecticide toxicology and non target effects

Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

Arthropod-mediated ecosystem services in agriculture
Conservation of saproxylic insects
Insect species traits and their use in habitat management and conservation

Genetics and evolutionary biology

Evolutionary Genomics
Evolution and development of functional traits
Evolutionary Ecology

Insect Control Biotechnology

Use of RNA interference for insect control
Insect-associated microorganisms: their possible role for biotech application
Biopesticides, genetically modified organisms and maintenance of ecosystem services: can they be profitably integrated?

Insects and Global Food Production

Feeding the world: how to control insect pests of crops without damaging the planet
Entomophagy: eating insects as a contribution to global food production

Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Epidemiology and management of insect vectors
Vector and pathogen biology
EU networks and infrastructures in vector research
Dermanyssus gallinae: an endless threat to the industry and human health

Morphology, Systematics and Phylogeny

Imaging Methods For Scientific Progress in Entomology
Insect Morphology in the Age of Phylogenomics
Evo-devo perspectives on insect morphology
Systematics, Biogeography and Ecology of Leaf Beetles - Third European Symposium on the Chrysomelidae

Parasitology, Pathology and Immunity

Immune defences and virulence strategies
Insect gut immunity and microbiome
Host regulation by parasites and pathogens

Physiology and Biochemistry

Insect development
Sensory system
Insect metabolism and nutrition

Social Insects and Apidology

Social Immunity
Bees: management, ecosystem services, and products
Symbiosis in social insects - behavioural and ecological interactions

Urban entomology and Stored Product Protection

Integrated Pest Management in Stored Product Protection
Urban and Public Health Pests
Artifact Pests

Symbiosis and Insect Vector Biology

Molecular and cellular interactions between insect vectors and the pathogens they transmit
Ecology/epidemiology/evolution of the three-way interaction insect vector-pathogen-host
Impact of symbionts on insect biology
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