Photo by Bruno Espinosa


Photo by Bruno Espinosa


Photo by Bruno Espinosa


Photo by Bruno Espinosa

Scientific Programme


Convenors: Andrea Battisti, Carmelo Rapisarda, Michael Traugott , Allan D. Watt

Scientific ThemesInvited Keynote Speaker
Invasive species biology, ecology and managementEcki Brockerhoff
New approaches for the management of agricultural and forest pestsMike Furlong
Impacts of climate change on agricultural and forest pestsChrister Bjorkman
Assessing population change using existing European networks and new technologiesEthan Jackson


Convenors: Rita Cervo, Eric Conti, Randolf Menzel , Geraldine Wright

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Mechanism of learning and memoryScott Waddell
Communication: from signal production to perceptionPatrizia D'Ettorre
Reproductive strategies of entomophagous insectsJacques Brodeur

SESSION 3 – Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management

Convenors: Alberto Alma, Giovanni Burgio, Matteo Lorito, Alberto Urbaneja

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Breeding invertebrates for next generation biocontrolMarjorie A. Hoy
Habitat and landscape management to improve conservation biological controlTeja Tscharntke
Exotic and native natural enemies: how to plan biological control and save environmentsTim Haye
Breeding maximising the benefits of biocontrol and pollination ecosystem servicesHeikki Hokkanen

SESSION 4 – Chemical ecology and multitrophic interactions

Convenors: Gianfranco Anfora, Stefano Colazza, Marcel Dicke, David Heckel

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Invasive alien species, population genetics, infochemical networkJohn Pickett
Plant-microbe-insect interactionsGary Felton
Molecular basis of insect communicationEmmanuelle Jacquin-Joly

SESSION 5 – Ecology and toxicology of insecticides

Convenors: Renè Feyereisen, Emanuele Mazzoni, Ralf Nauen, Anastasia Tsagkarakou

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Insecticide resistanceJohn Vontas
Insecticide mode of action: biological and biochemical aspectsEmmanuel Roditakis
Insecticide toxicology and non target effectsLin Field

SESSION 6 – Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

Convenors: Marco Alberto Bologna, Pietro Brandmayr, Teja Tscharntke

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Arthropod-mediated ecosystem services in agricultureDoug Landis
Conservation of saproxylic insectsJörn Buse
Insect species traits and their use in habitat management and conservationThorsten Assmann

SESSION 7 – Genetics and evolutionary biology

Convenors: Giuseppe Gargiulo, Giuliano Gasperi, Chris Jiggins, Frank Jiggins, Klaus Reinhardt

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Evolutionary genomicsRobert M. Waterhouse
Evolution and development of functional traitsSerap Aksoy
Evolutionary ecologyIlik J. Saccheri

SESSION 8 – Insect Control Biotechnology

Convenors: Salvatore Arpaia, Guido Favia, Angharad Gatehouse, Guy Smagghe

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Use of RNA interference for insect controlJulian Dow
Insect-associated microorganisms: their possible role for biotech applicationGeorge Christophides
Biopesticides, genetically modified organisms and maintenance of ecosystem services: can they be profitably integrated?Felix Ortego Alonso

SESSION 9 – Insects and Global Food Production

Convenors: Annamaria Fausto, Maurizio Paoletti, Stuart Reynolds

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Feeding the world: how to control insect pests of crops without damaging the planetAndreas Vilcinskas
Entomophagy: eating insects as a contribution to global food productionArnold Van Huis

SESSION 10 – Medical and veterinary entomology

Convenors: Andrea Crisanti, Alessandra Della Torre, John Vontas

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Epidemiology and management of insect vectorsHilary Ranson
Vector and pathogen biologyAnnabella Failloux
EU networks and infrastructures in vector researchTo be announced
Dermanyssus gallinae: an endless threat to the industry and human healthOlivier Sparagano

SESSION 11 – Morphology, Systematics and Phylogeny

Convenors: Rolf Beutel, Francesco Frati, Mark Greco, Alessandro Minelli

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Imaging methods for scientific progress in entomologyMarco Paoli
Insect morphology in the age of phylogenomicsKaren Meusemann
Evo-devo perspectives on insect morphologyEhab Abouheif
Systematics, biogeography and ecology of leaf beetles - third european symposium on the chrysomelidaeJesús Gomez-Zurita

SESSION 12 – Parasitology, Pathology and Immunity

Convenors: Salvador Herrero, Jean Luc Imler, Francesco Nazzi, Francesco Pennacchio, Michael Strand

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Immune defences and virulence strategiesLuis Teixeira
Insect gut immunity and micobiomeDominique Ferrandon
Host regulation by parasites and pathogensMark Brown

SESSION 13 – Physiology and Biochemistry

Convenors: Spencer Behmer, Morena Casartelli, Roberto Crnjar, Dalibor Kodrik

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Insect developmentDavid Denlinger
Sensory systemBill Hansson
Insect metabolism and nutritionSpencer Behmer

SESSION 14 – Social Insects and Apidology

Convenors: Mark Brown, Ignazio Floris, David Nash, Stefano Turillazzi

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Social ImmunityLine Ugelvig
Bees: management, ecosystem services, and productsChristina M. Grozinger
Symbiosis in social insects - behavioural and ecological interactionsHeike Feldhaar

SESSION 15 – Urban entomology and stored product protection

Convenors: Christos Athanassiou, Agatino Russo, Pasquale Trematerra

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Integrated pest management in stored product protectionJames Campbell
Urban and public health pestsVaclav Stejskal
Artifact pestsPascal Querner

SESSION 16 – Symbiosis and Insect Vector Biology

Convenors: Claudio Bandi, Stéphane Blanc, Domenico Bosco

Scientific ThemeInvited Keynote Speaker
Molecular and cellular interactions between insect vectors and the pathogens they transmitCarla Saleh
Ecology/epidemiology/evolution of the three-way interaction insect vector-pathogen-hostSaskia Hogenhout
Impact of symbionts on insect biologyLuciano Sacchi